ABC’s ‘Duets’ review: J. Rome, Jason Farol try out standards

Just how quickly is ABC hoping to bury the low-rated “Duets“? Let’s just say that the show didn’t even bother to come up with some intense elimination music for the start of the show. They just threw the contestants out there in a line, sent one home, and went along their way before starting up the rest of the show.

Elimination – Olivia Chisholm. Shocked? You really shouldn’t be. Olivia was panned at times by some of the viewers over her breathy tone, and this was the first week they could be responsible for voting her off. The sad news here is for Robin Thicke — he no longer has the same sort investment in this show. With that in mind, will Robin just take the rest of the season off?

Bridget Carrington and John Legend, “Unforgettable” – It’s almost cruel that you make the person who was in the bottom two sing first on the show, but dressed in a dress that made her look like a rather classy singing canary, this was by far her best performance on the season. It was almost like this performance took us back several decades in time, and it made us appreciate one of the things that this show has done right — allowing the artists to perform full songs.

J Rome and Jennifer Nettles, “God Bless the Child” – For J Rome’s song, Jennifer chose a song that appealed to … herself? Yep! She picked the Billie Holliday classic thanks to her being pregnant, but thankfully the show’s long-standing favorite was able to pull something pretty fantastic out of it, as well. If J Rome does not end up somehow not winning this show, then … well, it’ll probably be because of Jason.

John Glosson and Jennifer Nettles, “Georgia on My Mind” – We are really at a part of the show now where just about everyone left is a pretty great singer, and John can surely sing with the best of them. The one major problem that this guy has, though, is that he doesn’t really leap off of the string as someone who could be a star like J Rome could be in the industry. Instead, he’s more of just a nice guy with a good voice.

Jason Farol and Kelly Clarkson, “Feeling Good” – Do we think that Jason is the best singer in this competition? No, but he does win the “most improved” award when you look at where he was at the beginning of the competition versus where he is now. The guy’s confidence in through the roof, and at this point we wouldn’t really be that surprised if he does end up winning. The good news? His talent has finally risen to the level of his sharp fashion sense.

Who do you think is going to win based on the final four performances? Be sure to vote for your favorite in the poll box below, and check out some of our other “Duets” coverage.

Photo: ABC


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