‘America’s Got Talent’ interview: Insight from Nikki Jensen on song

On “America’s Got Talent” earlier this week, we saw four acts end up advancing to the next round in Edon, the Scott Brothers, Shanice and Maurice, and David Garibaldi and His CMYKs. With that, there were some surprise exits including a promising singer in Nikki Jensen and American BMX Stunt Team — a type of act that typically fares well in the competition.

On Thursday, we chatted briefly with Keith King from the stunt team along with Jensen for some insight on not just their performances on the show, but the sort of preparation that goes into it.

Cartermatt.com – So Keith, how does a team like yours adjust to having to perform a show on such a small stage — especially when you are used to doing so traditionally in larger venues?

Keith King, American BMX Stunt Team – It was a challenge for us to come up with that, but it was something we were open to. It was something we talked with the producers, the different people behind the scenes to go into the different tricks. I know, they know the sort of tricks that they want to see, and what America wants to see. Oftentimes, it takes certain spaces … we all worked together as a team to try and what we could bring to the table. It was a challenge that I thought we [overcame] and we put it out there and did exactly what we wanted to do.

Nikki, what was the decision-making process like in picking a song like Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ for the show?

Nikki Jensen – I’ve always loved Coldplay, and I heard a version of [the song by Willie Nelson], which I loved. I did express to the producers that this was the sort of theme that I was going for. However, when I got to New York that wasn’t what the track sounded like.

I had to work with the track that they had — and it was a great track that they made, but probably not the track that was specific to me and the specific style of the song when I play it live. It is a beautiful, emotive song and one that I thought was a little bit different and that everyone would know. So yeah, I wish I could do it in a style that was a little bit more like I do it day-to-day, but you really can’t complain about those things. You have to deal with everything that is thrown at you. I did my best, and I was disappointed with how I did perform, but hopefully I get to chance to perform [again in the wild-card round];’ and if not, hopefully [people] can see the kind of artist I am through my voice or through my previous performances.

Were you rooting for either one of these two going into the shows earlier this week? To look back at our review of the performance, be sure to check out the article here.

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