‘Big Brother 14’ spoilers: First impressions of full cast interviews

Have you been begging for more information on the “Big Brother 14” cast? Thanks to SuperPass offering up some full interviews with all of the new houseguests beginning at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time Thursday, we are going to be updating this constantly with some of our first impressions of the group. (Update: All of the information is now below.)

As we near the season premiere on July 12, we are going to do some individual spotlights that go more in-depth with all of these houseguests, but for now here is some of the basic information that you need to know.

Also, be sure to check back later today (we keep the most current “Big Brother” stories in the sidebar on the right) — there is a major twist this season, and we’ll have more on it soon.

Kara – In an interview with Zap2It, Kara claimed that she has no plans to tell everyone that she is a former Playmate of the Year. She says that she will do anything to stay in the game, and has no fears about having a showmance.

We could seeing Kara lasting a while if she gets with the right people, but with her it is going to be all about attitude and alliances.

Jojo Spatafora – She is from Staten Island (drama!), and she, like Kara, is also a model. The difference? She is a promotional model, and makes a living taken pictures with people while promoting products.

In terms of strategy, she plans opening Pandroa’s Box in a split second if she is asked. Thankfully, she’s not going to be someone who shies away from taking risks — which is important so that we can forget about the snoozefest that was last season.

Ian Terry – This 21-year old engineering student at Tulane claims that he wants to be a hero, but is probably going to end up being a villain since he doesn’t know how else he is going to be successful in this game. He may not be as hardcore insane as Adam when it comes to being a superfan, he’s watched every season since season 2.

Ian promises that he will not be a floater, and in comparison to some of the show’s other past “geeky contestants” (Ronnie), he actually seems to be pretty likable. He’s the guy with the blue shirt that was seen dancing in one of the promos for the show.

Ashley Iocco – This is just hilarious. First of all, she is very tan — which isn’t exactly a surprise considering that she works for a spray tan company. Her strategy suggests that she may have spent a little bit too long sitting in the sun.

Basically, she wants to create an alliance featuring herself as “Snow White,” and then a number of dwarves who she “hypnotizes” into being her followers, doing her bidding, and sharing in her positive mentality. If she was actually able to create the sort of cult-like mentality she is suggesting, she could be one of the best players ever — we just don’t think she’s really capable of doing something that we have really only seen Boston Rob from “Survivor” succeed at.

Shane Meaney – Arrogant much? This guy really thinks that he is going to be a hero because he’s good-looking, smart, and he knows what part of his life to hide. (Specifically, he’s not planning on telling people that he flips houses, and that he was a former contender for one of the most eligible bachelors in his home state.)

The irony here is that for a guy named “meaney,” he really shouldn’t be a hero at all. He also thinks females are “chatty.” Stereotype much, Shane?

Frank Eudy – Frank may very well have the weirdest thing ever that he wants to hide from some of the other contestants — that his father was a professional wrestler. He has been unemployed for a few years, and he does not want anyone to think that he has a ton of money and he does not need to be there. We never knew that pro wrestlers were supposedly wealthy.

Strategically, Frank seems to be interested in forming an alliance that is somewhat akin to the Brigade. He wants to bring in a “dream team” of different players in individual roles, and have them function well as a group. Next to Wil, he also has the weirdest hair for a guy on this season.

Willie Hantz – We already know that Willie is one of the members of the infamous Hantz family, and he is probably going to play the game the same sort of way. Expect him to flirt awkwardly with women, try to stab people in the back, and tick off so many people that he will probably not going to win.

We’re sticking with what we have said about this guy all along — the moment people figure out just who he is and who some of his past connections are, he’ll be a goner.

Jenn Arroyo – She’s the resident rock star of the season, and she looks like the sort of person who could go from zero to 60 in about ten seconds. She’s smart, she works out often, and she also claims to have a great focus and mind for the game. She realizes that she may benefit at times from throwing challenges, though she also has to caution herself when it comes to playing too much of a passive game.

Our favorite moment of Jenn’s interview? When she says that she actually wants to wear a giant hamburger costume in the event that she is forced to.

Jodi Rollins – While Willie says that he is willing to flirt with other people despite being in a relationship, Jodi (who on the surface bears a strong resemblance to Kalia)  says that she is not going to do so. She so far actually comes across as one of the nicest people on this season, as she wants to play hard, make big moves, and also try to be a hero in the process.

If Jodi can play the house mom without being evil or manipulative at the same time, she could go far.

Danielle Murphee – Finally, we have someone on here who admits that she may be a floater! This Alabama nurse admits that she wants to lay low for at least the first couple weeks, but once we get down to nine or ten contestants she is hoping to start weeding out floaters if she wins Head of Household.

For whatever reason, “Big Brother” seems desperate to bring in a contestant a season with a southern drawl, and Danielle fits the bill there perfectly. She promises that she is going to cry at some point, and she seems to be rather nice on the surface — however, we think that she could be a silent force who has a layer of strength underneath the surface.

The one thing that has us worried for some of the ladies this season? Both Danielle and Jenn claim that they get along better with guys.

Wil Heuser – There’s so much to say here that we cannot even start. As a marketing consultant, he is not afraid to be condescending and act as though he is not as smart or successful as he is. Then, there is his see-through shirt … we can’t even go there.

At the moment, Wil is probably the most annoying person on the cast. He’s not as funny as he thinks he is, or as great of a strategist. He strikes us as one of those guys who is going to try too hard too fast in the house, and be out pretty early into the game.

Joe Arvin – This last inclusion is a little strange. In some of the promos, we saw a sailing instructor by the name of Mike featured. However, he is not a part of the show’s press release. Was he replaced at the last minute by Joe? Anyhow, his video is not yet listed online, but he is a chef from Lexington, Kentucky.

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