‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: a post-Veto plan is hatched


Now that we know the Power of Veto winner in the “Big Brother 13” house, one pair of houseguests have devised what may or may not be a useful plan — even though it may not save them in any way, it could at least help the rest of the house to see where the Head of Household’s true loyalty lies.

(Warning: the following contains major spoilers.)

With Brendon winning the Veto, there was some debate as to whether or not he would choose to actually use it on himself or try to save Rachel and fall on his own sword. Ultimately, his plan involves a little bit of both. He and Rachel have decided to tell Daniele and the rest of the house that Brendon will save himself with the Veto, when in actuality he is going to use it on Rachel. What will this accomplish? Maybe nothing. In all likelihood, Dani is still probably going to put up the same person as a replacement nominee that she has always planned.

One of the largest questions left is merely who is going to end up being the replacement nominee in this case. Porsche and Shelly both have their benefits, but if Daniele really wants Brendon or Rachel gone, her best option may be to stick up Jordan as a pawn. In mirroring what happened during “Big Brother 11,” no one will view her as much of a threat and thus keep her in the game a little bit longer.

Who do you think Daniele should put up?

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