Claire Danes pregnant, how will it affect ‘Homeland’ filming?

Mrs Carter: Pregnant in the CIA? It could happen.

Claire Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy have announced (via People) that they are expecting their first child together and while there isn’t a lot of other information about the pregnancy (like how far a long she is or the gender of the baby) it makes us wonder just how producers plan to fit the pregnancy into the filming of her hit series “Homeland.”

“Homeland” has already started production on their second season after an incredibly successful first season in which Danes won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of CIA officer Carrie Mathison. So how will the masterminds behind the series work her pregnancy into the show – or will they at all?

Depending on how far along she is in the pregnancy, they may be able to get away with filming her in such a way that detracts from her growing tummy, or they may work the pregnancy into her character which has been done on many shows before it.

Mad Men” actress January Jones” was pregnant during filming of season 5 of the show, but instead of making her character pregnant, they decided to go with another angle and had Betty gaining weight from over eating, a story line that was refreshing to see since many series don’t really know how to incorporate an actress being pregnant except to make the character pregnant too.

Season 2 of “Homeland” will return to Showtime on September 30th, so until then all we can do is speculate as to how they will work Danes pregnancy into the story – if they do at all.

Photo: Showtime

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