‘Big Brother 14’ spoilers: Contestant Willie Hantz is Russell’s brother

First, we had Russell Hantz on “Survivor” — then, his nephew Brandon ended up playing himself this past fall. Now, it looks like a member of the infamous reality TV family is heading to “Big Brother 14.”

When we first posted earlier in the day that contestant Willie looked a lot like Russell — and had a similar profession to him in “tankerman” — we were actually just joking around. Then, we did some digging. As it turns out, Willie is Willie Hantz, Russell’s brother.

Ultimately, we’re more than a little bit annoyed at the prospect of seeing another Hantz on another reality show, mostly because it’s getting to the point of overkill. Aren’t there any other people outside of this family worthy of being on reality TV? We were actually starting to like Willie, but then he started going on about being willing to flirt with other women (despite having a girlfriend) to get himself further in the game. Ugh.

Based on the video below, Willie’s not planning on telling anyone who his brother is, but we think he’s going to have a problem. He looks like Russell, sounds like Russell, and after Brandon on “South Pacific” we have a feeling people are going to be on the lookout for something like this. The moment they do figure it out, he better be ready to start winning challenges or he’ll be straight out the door. (Judging from this video, we have a feeling that season 13 is the only one he has watched.)

While this may not be as annoying as bringing back returning players, do you think CBS dipping out of the same Hantz pond is starting to get annoying — especially when it’s now getting other shows involved? Be sure to share your thoughts below! For the record, Willie is the first houseguest with a major “Survivor” connection to appear on the show.

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Update: The full cast is now online, and you can check out more of our impressions here.

Photo: CBS

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