‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Aria, Ezra’s new bump in the road

While we usually wait to post preview clips from “Pretty Little Liars” until the weekend for the purposes of putting them all together, the extended wait for Tuesday night’s new episode merits us at least getting one quick look a little bit early.

With that in mind, we have a new sneak peek from the July 10 installment “The Girl Is Poison” below, and it certainly suggests that there could be a rocky road ahead for Aria and Ezra as they try and work through what is a problem that happens in many relationships (especially those on TV when somebody gets laid off) — money. Now that Ezra no longer has a full-time job, Aria is feeling the need to help him out financially in any way that she can. The problem? Ezra’s not exactly in the mood to be receiving any financial assistance just yet, especially from someone who is still in high school. He claims that he still has some money in savings, and that he is earning enough for some tutoring gigs here and there that he is able to get by. But are these the words of someone just trying to stay humble? We assume so, but something is going to have to give for the two of them here in order for them to work this out.

Eventually, we know that Ezra’s troubles in employment are going to lead to him potentially leaving Rosewood and moving back home, and this will pose all sorts of challenges for a relationship that has been a challenge since the very beginning. Do we still feel good about the pair’s long-term chances? Definitely, but it is already pretty clear that this is not the sort of couple that is going to find its road to happiness by jumping around with joy and never having a problem in the world.

If you were Ezra, would you be able to take the offer for food from Aria without a moment’s hesitation? Be sure to check out some other recent spoilers from the show, and share your thoughts with a comment.

Photo: ABC Family


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