2012 Emmy debate: Will Fox’s ‘Fringe’ receive its due?

For our second Emmy debate of the week, we are looking at another fan favorite show with a long history of being ignored come awards season — even though it boasts some performances that are surely worthy of breaking into the Drama Series category — “Fringe.”

Unlike “Revenge” (which was the subject of our piece Tuesday), “Fringe” is a show that does not exactly have much in the way of time left if it wants to secure a few trophies. Season 5 is airing this fall, and following the Emmys this year it is only going to have one more chance to score some gold. While it odds in the Outstanding Drama Series category are slim to none, we still have some hope for some individual actors despite heavy competition.

The case for “Fringe”

It’s really rather simple — it’s one of the best examples of science fiction on TV. While it’s far from accessible, there is a reason why fans are as devoted as they are, and continue to keep coming back year after year despite the constant fears that the show will be canceled. This devotion means something.

Even if you were to make the understandable argument that there is too much competition with Outstanding Drama Series courtesy of “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” “Homeland,” “Downton Abbey,” and “Game of Thrones,” what about John Noble? He’s been worthy of a Best Supporting Actor nod for at least three years now, and the same could be said for Anna Torv. Just because these actors are in science fiction does not make their show any less worthy. The problem over the years is that many voters have developed a specific cup of tea, and they almost at times seem unwilling to try and expand their palette to anything new.

The case against “Fringe”

Basically, you could make the argument that Torv was better and had more do during season 3, and that Noble, while stellar, may not be able to bump off Giancarlo Esposito, Peter Dinklage, Aaron Paul, or any of the folks from “The Good Wife” who are likely to score nominations. Even if you ignore the fact that this show is polarizing, there are plenty of other contenders that the actors will have to contend with just to score some consideration, let alone a nod.

We also have to submit ourselves to the thinking that “Fringe” as a series is still something that voters are not completely ready to accept. Unless they are watching the show from the very beginning, many of its episodes (in particular “Letters of Transit”) are not something that can be viewed easily as standalone hours. Some serialized shows are easy for voters to follow when they are handed a standalone episode to watch — this isn’t one of them.

How do you think “Fringe” is going to fare come awards season? We want to hear from you! Be sure to answer the poll below, and check out some of our other Emmy coverage over at this link.

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