‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Is Cheryl Cole really set to appear?

Since everything is pretty quiet on the “Glee” front right now, it seems to be the perfect time for the media to bring up some old rumors again that former “X Factor” judge and British pop sensation Cheryl Cole will guest-star on the show. It’s a fun rumor for the tabloids across the pond to bring up, but nothing has really come from it yet. In many ways, it’s similar to the talk a year and a half ago that Susan Boyle was going to make an appearance — despite the press almost trying to will it to happen, it never actually did.

At least this time there is some substantial evidence of Cole’s appearance actually happening, and it comes courtesy of an interview featuring Emmy winner Jane Lynch:

“There’s been talk on set of Cheryl appearing for a year or so, but it’s set to happen now. Matthew Morrison has spoken very highly of her [thanks to his time with her on What To Expect When You’re Expecting] and the younger guys on set are keen to have her on, for obvious reasons.

“Matthew’s chatted to her and she seems keen. Cheryl’s the perfect Glee fit, she can sing, she can dance and she looks good. It would be cool if she played herself.”

Even though Lynch seems to suggest that this gig is still likely to happen, much of it is still speculative. There was similar sort of proof that Javier Bardem was going to be playing a rock star on the show, but that never happened. With the cast of “Glee” being as large as it is, there are all sorts of channels potential guest stars have to go through — the producers and writers need to make sure there is room for them first, and that there are no changes that could come up later that might keep them from appearing. Sometimes, even previously-announced guest stars see their appearance on the show delayed — just look at Gloria Estefan, who finally snuck onto the show during the season 3 finale despite being confirmed for a role months beforehand.

Do you think Cheryl Cole will really end up on “Glee,” and if she does what role do you want to see her play?

Photo: Fox

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