‘MasterChef’ review: Eleven becomes ten … and then nine

Rather than give a simple blow-by-blow of Tuesday night’s new episode of “MasterChef” (mostly because that seems to be a little bit predictable at this point), we’re going to take a different approach following the show’s double-elimination.

We were sad to see both Mike and Tanya leave the competition in an elimination challenge after they failed to properly use a pizza stone, especially since the former was coming off of what was probably his best dish of the entire competition. Their exits leave us with nine chefs in the competition, and while they all may be on level playing field in some ways, it also seems pretty obvious who are the cream of the crop, and who are likely on borrowed time at this point. With that, we’re going to say where some of these home cooks stand in terms of earning the title — and some of them have their work cut out for them.

Likely out soon

Tali – We’re not sure how he has cheated death so many times already. Based on the mess he made in the kitchen during the episode, we certainly wouldn’t want to eat his food.

David – At times, we love David and think he’s a great cook — then at other times, we think he’s both overrated and grating to watch. He’s just too inconsistent to excel in this environment.

Could go either way

Felix – Where has Felix gone? A few weeks ago, we had her pegged as someone we would be seeing a lot of. Now, we’re barely even seeing her at all.

Monti – Monti has such an interesting story that we want to see her around as long as possible. We just wonder why she is so frequently underestimated, and if that could end up hurting her at the end of the day in this sort of competition where the opinions of your fellow contestants can get to you.

Josh – Personally, we love Josh, and he cooks the sort of food we would love to eat. Unfortunately, he’s not really getting the sort of edit of someone destined to make it to the end.

Becky – She does fantastic in Mystery Box challenges, but not always everywhere else. You have to be able to exceed in all environments if you want to win this show.

Likely contenders

Staeey – She may not always been the loudest cook in the kitchen, but she’s one of the smartest. Watch out for her as a darkhorse to take this whole thing.

Christine – She’s never been in any enormous danger of ever leaving the competition, and the fact that she is doing all of this while visually impaired is even more amazing.

Frank – Frank, meanwhile, has only had a few minor stumbles — but we still love

Who are you rooting for, and were you bummed by Tuesday night’s double-elimination? Share your comments below, and be sure to check out some of our exclusive interviews with the recently-eliminated contestants.

Photo: Fox

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