‘The Glee Project’ review: Charlie and Aylin make nice

Welcome to another addition to “The Glee Project,” otherwise known as the most strangely captivating reality show of the summer. This episode was all about adapting to new situations, and some contestants were able to handle the changing tides of doing a homework assignment by themselves — however, a good many others ended up caving under the pressure.

While Aylin ended up shining both in the homework assignment and the group number later (and this was minutes after she and Charlie decided to cut out all of the flirting), we also had one of the first subpar outings of the season from Blake — who struggled to pick up some of the choreography during the “Price Tag” music video. Abraham also got a little bit lost, and both Mario and Charlie continued their passive-aggressive game of finding fault with others around them over themselves. With so many flaws here and there in the contestants, the show forced the contestants to adapt yet again — forcing six contestants to sing in pairs for Ryan Murphy. Here’s how the group fared.

Blake and Nellie – This was so much better than their “Price Tag” performance, and we don’t even know where to start. If these two are not there close to the end, we will be genuinely stunned.

Ali and Abraham – We were so excited to see these two singing Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night,” but it completely fell apart during the performance. It was choppy, breathy, and completely out of tune. These two just aren’t a good match — even though the judges liked it a bit more than we did.

Mario and Charlie – Vocally, these guys are both pretty great — and they could have came out here and given the performance of their lives without it mattering. The trouble with these guys is that they have trouble when it actually comes to being on set. Mario at times seems to get into his own head too much, and not often understand what is being asked of him — meanwhile, Charlie just isn’t professional. How can you work with someone who is interested in messing around much of the time?

While Abraham probably gave the worst performance overall of the week, Ryan and the rest of the judges ended up determining that it was Mario’s time to leave the competition. We wish that we saw a more positive side to him on the show at times, but regardless of that you have to give the guy credit for being confident enough to not let his blindness get the best of him and limit his dreams.

What did you think of this week’s elimination, and are you stunned to see Charlie survive yet again? Be sure to check out some of our recent rankings if you haven’t already!

Photo: Oxygen

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