‘The Newsroom’ spoilers: Terry Crews checks in as…

Considering that we are fans of both “The Newsroom” and actor Terry Crews, we in many ways find the following story to be a match made in news heaven.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the ex-football player-turned actor (who we love most for his scene-stealing roles in “Get Smart” and “White Chicks”) is set to appear on six episodes of Aaron Sorkin’s HBO series as a bodyguard who becomes a valuable member of Will McAvoy’s team. this is a rare chance for Crews to shine in a dramatic role, as he has been mostly known for comedy over the course of his career. However, Sorkin has a tendency to take a chance when it comes to some of his casting — he also has a woman on the show in Olivia Munn who is best known for “Attack of the Show!” and some appearances in various comedy projects.

Crews will make his first appearance on the show in an episode set to air on July 29, and he should be in just about every installment the rest of the way. Let’s just hope that this character finds a way to restore balance not just to Will’s life, but also to a show that has shown some flashes of brilliance along with inconsistency in its first two episodes. The pilot episode was one of the best of any show we have seen in years, but unfortunately episode 2 was problematic and also introduced some weird gender dynamics.

“The Newsroom” was recently renewed for a second season, so hopefully Crews will have an opportunity to stick around beyond this year if his character ends up being well-received.

What do you think about Sorkin getting Crews on board this show?

Photo: HBO

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