‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Kimmie vs. Robyn, round two

In the world of “Hell’s Kitchen,” there are a few things that are constant no matter the season:

1. Chef Gordon Ramsay will swear, regardless of whether or not there are kids in the kitchen.

2. Someone will probably get thrown out of the kitchen.

3. Halfway through the episode, you will wish someone would come in and force some of the chefs to hold hands.

After the beginning of a battle between Kimmie and Robyn last night on the show, things exploded within a matter of minutes Tuesday courtesy of some communication problems during dinner service. Basically, they were both to blame since they were so angry with each other for some rather petty reasons that they didn’t even want to communicate. When you have no interest in actually helping your team, it’s almost a guarantee that you’re going to fail — and fail they did. After the entire Red Team was thrown out of the kitchen following their arguments (plus one that revolved around Tiffany and Barbie), Kimmie and Robyn took their shouting match upstairs. At one point, it looked as though these two were about to have a brawl outside of the dorm.

With how embarrassing the women’s performance was, we’re actually stunned to see that Ramsay proclaimed there to be no winner following the service. The guys were far from perfect — mostly because Royce and Patrick were thrown out of the kitchen — but at least they finished! We almost felt bad for Royce and Patrick to even be facing elimination, mostly because neither one of them deserved to go home thanks to them simply keeping their cool and not screaming at each other in front of the kids in attendance. Somebody needed to ship away half of the Red Team to anger management … or just declare Christina the winner already since she’s obviously the best person on the team (and arguably in the whole competition).

By the end of the episode, it was clear that Gordon had clearly lost his mind. He eliminated the one person in Patrick who we actually found likable, and thus kept the lightning rods around another week to scream at each other … or did he? He ultimately granted Robyn’s wish and sent her packing to the Blue Team, where we can see whether or not she really is a good chef, or someone who just loves to make excuse after excuse. Is there anyone left to actually root for? After Justin, Christina, and maybe our self-proclaimed guilty pleasure Brian, we’re really not sure.

What did you think about this episode? In case you didn’t catch our review of Kimmie vs. Robyn round one, be sure to check it out!

Photo: Fox

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