ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: New premiere details!

When you consider that season 5 of “Castle” has not even started to film yet, it only makes sense that try to find out some sort of actual scoop about the show at this point is akin to pulling teeth. How can you learn about a scene a scene that has not even been shot yet? The only thing you can truly hope for is that there is some sort of scoop out there about a script that you can can sink your teeth into — or, to be more topical to this show, to grab your badge and hit the streets to investigate.

Luckily, we have just this sort of scoop. According to TVLine, the season 5 premiere this fall is going to revolve very heavily around the case of Beckett’s mother, which should not come as much of a surprise to anyone who tuned in to the season finale in May. It also means that the season is going to start off on some sort of serious note after an end to season 4 that was certainly high on both drama and romance, as Beckett is going to now be approaching this case with a partner who is now more than just a police consultant.

We do know that the high level of drama is not going to last forever, as showrunner Andrew Marlowe recently said that much of season 5 is going to get back to the offbeat sense of humor that the show has developed over the first few years. A show like “Castle” is all about balance, so it only makes sense that Marlowe would opt to tip the scales. Does this mean that Beckett solves her mother’s case early in the season? It’s either that or the show pulls a classic murder-mystery trick in finding another lead, but then spends the rest of the season trying to figure out what to do with it before getting another lead in the finale.

Would you like to see this case resolved near the beginning of season 5, or do you think this is a story with more long-term (or even series finale) potential? To check out more of our thoughts on the future of the Castle / Beckett romance, be sure to check out one of our latest stories.

Photo: ABC

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