‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Meet Brynden Tully!

With production of “Game of Thrones” already getting set to start up in Europe, we now have our first significant bit of casting for the new year. So just who from the George R.R. Martin books now has a face? It’s known other than Brynden Tully!

Former “Coronation Street” star Clive Russell has been reportedly cast in the part — and while he is a virtual unknown on this side of the pond, he is an actor who is certainly more familiar in Europe than many of the other people on this show. Tully’s nickname is “The Blackfish,” and he is a feared warrior who also just so happens to be Catelyn Stark’s uncle. While we know that he should come to the aid of Robb Stark at some point during season 3, there are not many details currently available outside of this. This casting was first unveiled courtesy of a local agency.

Season 3 of the hit HBO series is shooting in a number of different countries this year — in addition to Croatia, Iceland, and Northern Ireland, they will also be visiting Morocco for the first time thanks to a new story involving Danaerys Targeryan. In other words, Emilia Clarke better get ready for shooting in some rather hot weather.

It’s likely that we will hear more casting news about this season in the weeks ahead, as there are still a number of new characters to be cast including the Reeds and some members of Stannis Baratheon’s family. (We’re still wondering how his wife feels about Melisandre and the Smoke Monster from “Lost” that they gave birth to.)

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Photo: HBO

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