‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: everyone loves conspiracies!


Following the nomination ceremony in the “Big Brother” house Friday night, some rather crazy stuff went down — and yes, we can chalk up most of it to the arrogance of Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan.

(Warning: the following contains some major spoilers from the live feed.)

After “Brenchel” was put up for eviction, the house’s two power-couples engaged in all sort of talk suggesting that because America “loves” Jeff, Julie Chen and the producers may try to force some sort of change that could help them out. While this is not that unheard of — remember that the show handed Matt a Diamond Power of Veto on a silver platter last season — it’s crazy for Jeff to assume that America loves him the most at the moment. They also think that the producers wouldn’t give Daniele Pandora’s Box simply because she’s not on America’s side (which is not exactly true, either).

As for the next conspiracy, everyone seems pretty intent on the fact that there could be a returning houseguest this season — even in spite of the fact that the ¬†show started with 14 contestants versus 13 last year, and there was no double-boot then. If America gets to pick on who comes back, don’t expect to be Jeff — rather, Dominic seems to be the guy that the entire country was rooting for prior to his eviction.

As for strategy talk at the moment, the current plan at the moment seems to be for Brendon to fall on his own sword if he and Rachel stay on the block together — which works with for Daniele since that is who she wants out of the game.

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