‘MasterChef’ review: Have the favorites started to emerge?

Now that we are down to just 11 contestants on “MasterChef” this season, we are really started to get a better read on who is equipped to go far in this competition, and who is probably going to be sent out the door soon. The shocker? In our interview with the recently-eliminated Scott this week, he said that he is pulling for either Frank or Christine — and now we are starting to feel the same way. Are these two the bets cooks left in this competition? Possibly, and if nothing else they are surely the most likable.

Monday night’s new episode first and foremost featured the┬ácontestants┬átrying to create some rather delicious food inside of what is a tradition in many cities around the country — food trucks. As the winner of last week’s challenge, Stacey had the power to determine everything in terms of the teams, and she made some brilliant choices:

1. Putting a weaker chef in Tali on her team in the event that she did lose and had to take part in a pressure test.

2. Putting David and Monti — who absolutely cannot stand each other — on the same team.

3. Not worrying too much about the third team, knowing that there are some cooks who will do well no matter what happens.

Stacey’s moves led to her Mexican food truck winning, while the delicious-looking Indian food created by Josh and the blue team ended up in second place. Unfortunately for Anna (who captained David, Monti, and Tanya), this meant that she was facing elimination. We don’t want to put all of this on David, but we really have to — the fact that he was trying to act like sending raw burgers out to diners was not as horrible a deal as it was made us uncomfortable, and it also made us think back to what Ryan said earlier this season about David having a side that we haven’t really seen before on the show that was there during filming. That side started to come out this week, as he refused to take really responsibility at all for his role in the team’s demise.

Lucky for David and Monti, they were each skilled enough at making tortellini to breeze through the pressure test — meanwhile, the hammer fell on Anna — who despite having experience with pasta, just couldn’t get it together and served what was effectively a raw product. We’re going to miss her spirit and her tendency to stay away from drama — though we are looking forward to chatting with her tomorrow.

Do you think David came off especially poor this week, and do you agree that a Frank / Christine finale at this point seems to be the smartest way for the show to go from a likability standpoint? Be sure to check out some of our other “MasterChef” coverage!

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