‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Kimmie vs. Robyn, round one

For those of you who hate two-part episodes, it’s probably frustrating that “Hell’s Kitchen” had its second “to be continued” of the season Monday night. Just in case you’re wondering why, the reasoning is rather simple — the show needs to stay on the air for as long as “MasterChef” is, and now they each have the same amount of contestants left in the competition.

This is shaping up to be one of the longest seasons of Gordon Ramsay’s show ever, but we have to say we are not particularly upset about it. Why? The cast is making up for it. Brian is hilarious, Clemenza is a character, and even Patrick started to touch us in a personal way this week when we saw how badly he wanted to win this competition for his family. As if the guys were not memorable enough, the women are even more so. Tiffany redefines the words “loose cannon,” and there is some sort of bizarre clique going on with Dana and Christina that we don’t even quite understand just yet.

While there has been their fair share of people not getting along this season, Robyn and Kimmie are taking the cake for having the most issues — and ironically, they were actually friends earlier on this season. The drama started this week when Kimmie’s dish for a ┬áslot machine-themed steak challenge was not selected to compete against the boys, and she understandably felt slighted. After it was proven that her dish was better than Robyn’s (who was chosen instead), the meltdown began. Much of this hour was about the emotional buildup to dinner service, and also a physical injury that may keep Kimmie out of it. After suffering a grease burn, she has been advised by her doctors to not compete … and that is where the “to be continued” factors in.

While it would be nice to see the men actually win a service, we are at this point hoping that the women at least find a way to keep Kimmie around. Is she emotional? Sure, but she is far from the worst cook on their team. As a matter of fact, Christina is really the only one who has shown a greater amount of consistency. All we know for sure is that next week, the fight between her and Robyn is going to be taken up yet another notch.

Whose side are you on at the moment — Team Kimmie or Team Robyn? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and check out our coverage of all things Gordon Ramsay.

Photo: Fox

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