‘The Glass House’ review: ‘Bachelor Pad’ sinks to another low

Now that we are getting ready for “Big Brother 14” to start, we are reminded yet again of one thing — “The Glass House” just can’t even compare. As a matter of fact, it just feels like ABC is buying its time until it can shatter this house into a million pieces.

Here’s how sad Monday night’s new episode was — the best celebrities they could get to stop by the house were some of the stars of “Bachelor Pad” in Tenley and Kiptyn, who haven’t been on TV in nearly two years. It’s no disrespect to either of them (since they are really rather nice people), but it just reminded us of how irrelevant this show has become after just three episodes. Apollo was sent packing early on, and we now have seen the show get rid of three of its more interesting male contenders in three weeks. Who’s left? A few interesting men and women, but then about four or five people who are frankly boring. America doesn’t always vote for who is interesting — they just get rid of the people who stir the pot. As we’ve said all along, there’s a reason that “Big Brother” changed their format after season 1.

If there was something in here that was slightly redeeming, it is that Robyn and Erica each brought a good bit of crazy to the proceedings Monday night, and established themselves as interesting characters with a fight about whether or not Robyn tried to “steal” somebody else’s emotional story by talking about one of her own. (Yes, this is the sort of thing you fight about when you are locked in a house for 24 hours a day.) Unfortunately, these were the two contestants that were put in limbo at the end of the episode. Why not get rid of Ashley or Andrea? At this point, we are really begging that somebody changes the name of this show to “survival of the boring.”

Are you even still watching “The Glass House,” and will you continue after America continues to keep the dullest contestants around? We have a feeling that tomorrow could be judgment day, and mark the time when the ratings force the network to put this show out of its misery. For any of you sadistic “Big Brother” fans out there, check out some of our coverage of that show instead.

Photo: ABC

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