‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Showtime plays a trick with teaser video

Somewhere, the editors at “Dexter” are probably laughing to themselves — after all, how else do you explain what they just put out there for the show’s brand-new teaser video?

In what actually feels almost like the show has decided to troll its own viewers (which is rather smart in a sadistic sort of way), the trailer below features about 40 or so stills from the upcoming seventh season spliced together in a matter of a few seconds. For those of you who are really hunting for spoilers from this, we’ve watched it enough times now to figure a few things out:

1. Yvonne Strahovski does not show up at all.

2. The majority of the scenes feature involve Deb and Dexter — though there is also a shot of Masuka and a few from Miami Metro.

3. While it may be too early to say that the Morgan siblings are going to be helping each other out now that Deb knows what Dexter has been hiding all of these years, she doesn’t exactly appear to be shying away from what he has been doing with his spare time.

If Deb actually ends up helping Dexter in some capacity, it could end up becoming a rather fascinating twist — seeing a woman who was once about black and white now finally submitting herself to the idea that some crimes do deserve justice of the bloodiest form. We still can’t ever imagine Deb becoming just like her adopted brother, but her feelings for him (even without the uncomfortable romance thrown in) may be enough for her to either look the other way or try to help him find the bad guys to take out.

What do you think about Showtime’s new teaser — it is cruel, or really just brilliant? Be sure to check out some of our other coverage of “Dexter” and share your thoughts below.

Photo: Showtime

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