‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Gus Fring’s ghost haunts new premiere clip

For the first time, we have a new look at the season 5 premiere of “Breaking Bad,” and let’s just say that it is fairly obvious now that Walter White is not going to escape what happened with Gus Fring anytime soon.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers for the July 15 premiere of the show.)

In the video (which was first posted by Entertainment Weekly), Walter Jr. enters the house and questions why his dad hasn’t been watching the news. The news about Gus’ death is spreading rather quickly, and Skyler has to do her best to calm him down when he presses Walter about his lack of interest.

While these family scenes are in some ways routine now thanks to what happened to Skyler and White Sr. earlier in the series, there is still something remarkable about watching them in comparison to where this family was at the start of the show. We say this all of the time in “Breaking Bad” articles, but it bears repeating — no program has shown an evolution of a character quite like this in recent history.

Unfortunately, this is really all we know about the plot for season 5 thus far: Walter is now the main man in his area of New Mexico, but there are still remains of Gus’ reign that could try to take him down. There is also the issue of Jesse Pinkman, who is moving in an opposite direction with his life seemingly and has no interest in being the boss.

What do you think of this clip below? If you want to check out more “Breaking Bad” scoop, be sure to head on over to this link — and we as always welcome all of your thoughts below.

Photo: AMC

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