‘America’s Got Talent’ rankings: Sizing up 787 Crew, Monday’s lineup

Over the weekend, we published a list of the contestants who are going to be lighting up the stage for Monday night’s new episode of “America’s Got Talent,” but what we did not do at the time was answer what to many is a pretty key question — who are the most likely to pick up votes from the public?

With that in mind, we’re now taking a look at who among the contestants performing this week as the best shot of advancing, and who will be sent home faster than Howie Mandel makes a joke with a pun in it.

12. Michael Nijad – The way in which he turns household objects into musical instruments is fascinating, but we have a feelings voters are not going to be too keen on putting through someone just for a conept ore so than talent.

11. The Scott Brothers – These poppers may actually be pretty good, but we have a hard time having confidence in an act that has never received much on the way of screen time.

10. Lil’ Starr – She has an outside shot on getting through just because she’s a kid, but this entire dance routine feels more like something you would see at a beauty pageant rather than a million-dollar talent competition.

9. Todd Oliver – The problem Todd runs into is that there are better comedians in this competition than him, and also better dog acts. He has a hard time standing out.

8. Shanice and Maurice Hayes – If this singing duo was just Shanice, we have a feeling that she may have a better shot at going through. The issue here is that this is just a cute story more than it is a Las Vegas act.

7. Jarrett & Raja – You can never fully discount a magic act from making an impression at an early stage of the competition, but the concern here is that they simply haven’t had the screen time of some of the other acts.

6. The Distinguished Men of Brass – We personally feel that Jarrett & Raja are better, but they’ve dominated in terms of air time and don’t have any real competition from other acts.

5. Nikki Jensen – She may not have a huge backstory, but she’s a singer — that seems to matter to voters more than anything else.

4. American BMX Stunt Team – A terrible name is offset by some of the crazy stunts these guys pull. So long as there aren’t any major mistakes, we will probably see them in the next round.

3. David Garibaldi and His CMYKs – We don’t really know whether or not voters are going to be inspired by an act that is part dance and part art, but it’s completely original. So long as David does something new and unlike his first two performanes, we probably won’t be disappointed.

2. Edon – He may not be the most-hyped, but this young man may be the best singer of the entire season. We just hope that performing live does not get the better of him.

1. 787 Crew – It may be controversial to rank them #1 based on a mistake they made in Vegas, but we haven’t been this excited about a dance crew ever in this competition. In between their look, their energy, and their story, there’s something about these Puerto Ricans that makes them incredibly likable. Do they have other reality TV experience? Sure, but they are not the only ones in this competition who do.

Who do you think is going to advance? Be sure to check out some of our other “America’s Got Talent” coverage, and we’ll have a full review for this episode up on Monday night.

Photo: NBC

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