‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: Rick and Lori’s marriage in ‘turmoil’

Keeping a marriage together in the real world is already difficult enough in this day and age, but throw in zombies, infections and the possible end of human existence and see how well a marriage holds up – it will test even the strongest of relationships.

The Walking Dead” has already thrown Rick and Lori a few curve balls in the first two seasons of the show as they tried to deal with Lori’s relationship with Shane, her pregnancy, the fact that the baby might be Shane’s (and infected) and that their son Carl is quickly leaving his childhood and becoming a mean lean zombie killing machine.  Is it really possible for Rick and Lori to repair the damage that has been done to their marriage or is it time to end things and move forward as just survivors and not a couple?

New showrunner Glen Mazzara spoke to TV Guide about Rick and Lori’s future and confirmed that their marriage is in “turmoil”.  He said;

“Rick and Lori’s major conflict is coming out of their guilt and grief over Shane’s death. That is really a marriage in turmoil. I think that it’ll be interesting to watch those two characters try to repair that marriage when the whole world has fallen apart around them.”

Mazzara also spoke about Carl’s role in season 3 and just how much he’s going to change from the boy we first met in season 1 into the “child soldier” we were beginning to see by the end of season 2.  He said;

“We’re interested in exploring Carl as a child soldier in this war against the walkers. He’s no longer the young child who needs to be minded. That Carl is gone. Now Carl is on a character path in which he becomes as instrumental to the group as Rick or Daryl or anyone else.”

There is no official premiere date for “The Walking Dead” at this point, but it will be back sometime this fall.  Over the weekend The Dish Network dropped all AMC shows including “Mad Men”, Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead”, so if you’re a subscriber, you will have to find another way to check out “The Walking Dead” when it returns.

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Photo: AMC

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