‘True Blood’ review: Did you see [spoiler] coming?

Hats of to “True Blood” and Alan Ball for keeping a twist under wraps! For much of the past week, we have been hyping up Sunday night’s new installment in our heads as an episode that was going to be very much all about getting the opportunity to see Sookie and Alcide come closer to being a couple. It was a foregone conclusion at this point that this would happen — out of all of the romantic partners that Anna Paquin’s character could feasibly have, he was one of the last ones that she hasn’t already been with. Even the way in which it happened — in a drunken stupor after Alcide revealed that he had protected her from Debbie Pelt’s parents — was a bit expected.

However, what ended up surprising with this episode was that the Sookie / Alcide hookup was a red herring to the shock that we really did not see coming — the revelation that her parents did not actually die thanks to a flood. Jason Stackhouse learned this by chance while visiting a fairy club — which was ¬†given to him thanks to Sheriff Andy getting a reward from a judge in return for a favor. Obviously, the Stackhouse family has been trying to hide for years that vampires are responsible for the characters’ tragic passing years ago, but we still don’t know. Was it to make Sookie and Jason feel safer, or for a different reason entirely? We still don’t know, but the moment that Sookie finds out could be a moment when her feelings about Bill and the other vampires change.

While this is the moment that we are definitely talking about the most this week, there was also plenty of other key scenes crammed in here:

-Pam has been officially released by Eric in a move to keep her safe, and suddenly has way more time freed up to spend with her creation in Tara — who is finally starting to give in to being a vampire.

-We finally learned a piece of what happened to Terry in Iraq, and it’s gruesome stuff — but we also have a feeling there is more to this story than meets the eye.

-Lafayette is starting to realize he has no control over his channeling powers, and it is putting everyone around him at risk.

-One more sanguinista has been outed from within the Authority — and they met a rather bloody end.

Even without Russell Edgington rearing his evil head just yet, this is turning out to be a rather great season so far. There are elements of politics, some great new characters interactions, and and even some stories for characters that are often ignored. Let’s just hope that there are some crazy things in the weeks ahead, and that Sookie finds a way to stop putting the lives of those around her in jeopardy.

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Photo: HBO

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