ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 debate: How fast should Beckett go?

There’s no way of getting around it — the wait is going to be horrendous for new episodes of “Castle” to start up on ABC this fall. This year, we don’t even have a Comic-Con panel to look forward to.

So what are we going to see coming our direction for season 5? Plenty more romance courtesy of our lead characters! We’ve been waiting for over 80 episodes to see Castle and Beckett finally get together, and during the season 4 finale it happened. With that, though, comes a very key question — where do the two go from here? In the world of television, characters getting together can very well be a kiss of death.

When it comes to Castle and Beckett, executive producer Andrew Marlowe has already done one rather interesting thing in moving the characters from zero to sixty when it comes to them sealing the deal in the finale. With that, they’ve probably skipped over a few steps, and this should lead to some hilarious moments as they try to figure out where their relationship stands (and what they may have missed out on) before they move on to another phase. The key for them is going to be to “hurry up and wait.”

We have so much to process now when it comes to the couple’s relationship, so it doesn’t make sense for them to rush into moving in together, getting engaged, or starting a family. (Plus, “Bones” has already claimed the territory of getting pregnant and moving in together quickly.) The first interesting thing is going to be seeing how Castle and Beckett choose to break the news to their fellow employees at the force (if they even do), and then how Castle’s own family responds to him finally being in a real relationship for the first time in ages.

The biggest thing “Castle” should focus on in the early stages of the season is just having fun, and the rest will fall into place — there’s no need for the tone to stay in a constant state of seriousness now that our star-crossed lovers are together, and they should be able to ride this out in peace. Plus, some fun moments will remind us that this show is about more than just their relationship, and the dynamics that come with this change should provide Marlowe and the staff with a good deal of material. A good example of a show handling a relationship well is “Psych,” which hasn’t lost a beat since they decided to get Shawn and Juliet together after several years. As a matter of fact, the story may even be better off with them together.

How do you think “Castle” should handle the Castle / Beckett relationship for season 5? We want to hear from you below! If you want to see what Nathan Fillion will be doing at Comic-Con this year, be sure to head on over to this link and check it out.

Photo: ABC

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