‘Dexter’ season 7 debate: Is there hope for Deb and Quinn?

When you traditionally see a couple end their relationship on “Dexter” like what happened between Deb and Quinn, there is traditionally a pretty good chance that the couple would get back together. The two split over what were commitment issues, as Desmond Harrington’s character of Quinn wanted more than Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb was willing to give at the moment. Will it stay that way forever? It’s hard to say, but this was the final relationship Deb had before she started going down the road that led to her thinking that she was in love with her brother.

What was interesting about the way that writers and produced handled the breakup was that they did not go the predictable route — the two did not get back together during season 6, even as Quinn continued along a downward spiral that led to him drinking more, falling asleep at inopportune times, and being the worst partner ever to Batista. While he was clearly not the best boyfriend of all time, he was clearly in love to the point that he wanted to propose — and as long as the two spend time together, the feelings are probably not going to completely go away.

So is Quinn still in the endgame for Deb? That’s what will be something curious to watch throughout what is going to be the show’s penultimate year. This season is going to be what sets up the conclusion for these characters, and after working through her feelings for Dexter — which are probably going to be worked in a million different directions following the shocker in the finale — she may realize that someone like Quinn is who she wants. He’s certainly a more realistic option that her only other past flame who is still alive in Anton Briggs, who we haven’t seen in any capacity since the two broke up at the start of season 4. (If you remember, Special Agent Lundy was killed by Courtney Ford’s character later that same season.) It may also be possible, though, that Deb and Quinn do end up going their separate ways and never really deal with each other in a romantic way again. Deb may look for someone not related to law enforcement or a case, which could be a nice change for her after dating people who are connected to her profession in some way or another. Sometimes, you have to step away from what you do to an extent to find out more about who you are.

While we don’t necessarily think there will be great movement in Deb’s personal life in the early stages of season 7, we would be shocked if she did not turn to someone by the time the year comes to a close — and no, her being with Dexter really isn’t on the table in our minds.

Do you think Deb and Quinn are destined to be together, or should she be with someone else? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and check out some of our other coverage for “Dexter” season 7.

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