‘Jersey Shore’: Snooki talks plans for her baby’s arrival

Mrs Carter: Thank God for Grandma and Grandpa LaValle.

“Jersey Shore” star, Snooki and her fiancé Jionni LaValle are excitedly awaiting the birth for their first child, a baby boy, and as her due date quickly approaches there are some things about pregnancy the reality star will miss, and others not so much.

While speaking to US Weekly, Snooki revealed that while she is excited to gain a big belly, she isn’t exactly thrilled with the large chest that’s coming along for the ride.  She said;

“I actually want a big belly now, so I don’t mind having brownies or fries. The only thing is, I’ve also gone up a cup size: I’m a D now. I hate my [chest] so much!”

After their son is born, the couple plan to reside at LaValle’s parent’s New Jersey house and live in their basement, this way the grandparents can be involved in their grandson’s life every day. Snooki said that LaValle’s parents are part of a “rule” that her and Jionni came up with when it comes to drinking.  She said;

“Me and Jionni have made a rule: If we’re hungover or if we’ve had two drinks, we’re not going near the child.  We’ll give him to Grandma. God forbid we drop our baby!”

Although many people had their reservations about Snooki being able to control her partying ways while she is pregnant, but she has had absolutely no problem at all staying sober and eating right.  Snooki has even been using a scooter while filming “Jersey Shore” season 6, so that any exhaustion from working so much can be curbed.  The only thing Snooki hasn’t been able to live without is her high heels – something that is incredibly dangerous for pregnant women to wear, but has become the fashionable thing for celebrities to do during pregnancy. The reality star recently took a tumble while wearing high heels, but luckily the baby is okay.  Hopefully she’ll wear flats for the remainder of the pregnancy and avoid future falls.

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Photo: MTV

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