‘Mad Men’, ‘Breaking Bad’ dropped by Dish, Bryan Cranston responds

Fans of AMC’s “Breaking Bad”, “Mad Men” and zombie thriller “The Walking Dead” were shocked to learn that the Dish Network has not only decided to drop the immensely popular shows, but replace them with shows no one would watch unless completely plagued by boredom.

The Dish Network announced today that they will no longer be hosting programming and movies from AMC, We TV and IFC, which includes “The Walking Dead”, “Mad Men”, and our personal favorite “Breaking Bad”.  Dish will instead be replacing AMC with movies from HDNet, while IFC will now air HDNet television series with such titles as “Bikini Barbershop” and “Drinking Made Easy” – no, that’s not a joke.  As for We TV, Dish will be replacing it with The Style Channel airing programming that they think is geared towards women – cause that’s all they think women care about are shoes and purses apparently.

In May, Dish threatened to drop the channels because they felt that with such a limited viewership they were charging too much for their product. Reports from Business Week say that AMC feels that the decision to drop them has nothing to do with how much they charge and thinks that this is a response to a lawsuit from 2008 that’s costing Dish $2.5 billion.

Dave Shull, senior vice president of programming for Englewood, Colorado Dish released a statement today about their decision to no longer host AMC, IFC and We TV, saying that there wasn’t enough value in it for their customers.  He said;

“A significant portion of any pay-TV bill goes to fees for content providers like AMC Networks AMC Networks requires us to carry low-rated channels like IFC and We to access a few popular AMC shows. The math is simple: It’s not a good value for our customers.”

On the other side of the coin, “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston took to his Twitter account to talk about The Dish Network’s decision to drop the show just two weeks before its season 5 premiere airing on July 15th.  Cranston wrote;

“In a move that’s Breaking Balls, Dish Network is dropping AMC today. No BB, Mad Men, Walking Dead, Killing. Time to do some Breaking Dishes!”

Many Dish Network subscribers are rightly upset that they will be losing some of their favorite shows, especially with “Breaking Bad” so close to it’s season 5 premiere.  It’s likely that Dish will be losing quite a few viewers that having been eagerly awaiting the premiere and it will be interesting to see if Dish decides to find a way to work it out with AMC later on down the road.

Do you think that Dish made the right choice dropping AMC or are you already on the phone with Dish cancelling your subscription? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.

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