‘The Newsroom’ preview: Get ready for Olivia Munn’s debut

While there’s hardly any question that the series premiere of “The Newsroom” managed to divide television critics around the country, we actually found it to be among the most engaging television pilots since “Lost” — so it’s fair to say that we are more than a little bit enthused to see where Will McAvoy and his news team end up going next.

On Sunday night’s new episode, we will see the arrival of a new face (Olivia Munn!), along with a challenge when it comes to Mackenzie. While he realizes that just about everyone in the newsroom is going to realize that he Emily Mortimer’s character once had a relationship together, he doesn’t want anyone to know why exactly they broke up. Unfortunately, the promo below pretty much gives it away that this is not exactly going to happen for him.

Outside of this, most of the other upcoming storylines remain a little unclear. What we are hoping for with this series is that it manages to continue establishing a tone that is about the drama within news, but at the same time giving us some sort of personal story to attach to. It was Margaret who was the standout of the premiere in this regard, and in some ways we feel as though this story is as much about her attempts to cope with a changing environment as it is Will’s meteoric rise to the top after giving comments that stripped him of his “Jay Leno of news” persona he had adopted over the years of his career.

Do you feel the same way about “The Newsroom” as we do? Be sure to check out our review for the premiere, and we will be back on Sunday night with a full look at the second episode.

Photo: HBO


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