‘The Glee Project’ rankings: Blake Jenner takes over the top spot

When you are on a show like “The Glee Project,” consistency almost matters more than knocking it out of the park one week. This isn’t a sort of show that is all about pure acting and singing potential — you have to be able to bring it day in and day out to be able to do something that will become your job if you end up winning the grand prize at the end. It’s not like other shows where they give you a check and tell you to go away — Robert Ulrich and Ryan Murphy keep you for a while.

This structure is what brings about so many changes in our rankings this week, including new people at the bottom as well as the top versus last weekend’s installment.

10. Charlie Lubeck (last week: #6) – This is what having the wrong attitude can do to you. We’re actually convinced that Charlie is probably one of the top five talents on this season, but he’s too easily swayed by his emotions and his desire to act a fool at any given moment Aylin is around. What if he gets on “Glee” and falls in love with Vanessa Lengies? The show suddenly comes to a screeching halt, and Murphy is left with egg on his face the moment Sugar has to kiss someone else.

9. Mario Bonds (last week: #11) – Mario is mostly helped out by having a pretty quiet week on the show, and by Charlie effectively being more of a problem child than he is. Mario simply has to realize still that the mentors are there to help him and not rail on him — once he figures that out for several weeks straight, he’ll be a beast.

8. Michael Weisman (last week: #8) – Following a disastrous week in the bottom three, Michael has to do something to show that he has confidence in himself. Overthinking is bad in almost anything you do — but when it comes to a show that is about performing and expressing yourself, you may as well be dropping an anvil on your head.

7. Lily Mae Harrington (last week: #10) – Lily Mae had a pretty solid week working on her chemistry with the guys, and she also toned down some of her aggression that made her at times a bit grating and a bit difficult for the judges to work with. This earns her a bump a few spots up on our list, but she’s yet to win us over completely.

6. Ali Stroker (last week: #7) – We still have yet to really get a lead on Ali. Is she a major contender, or a talented theater graduate destined to be in the middle of the pack? She’s shown a few flashes of brilliance when it comes to her voice, but she still has not mastered being able to convey emotions that are subtle enough for a television environment.

5. Aylin Bayramoglu (last week: #4) – If Murphy ends up casting Aylin, we have a feeling that he will be rather pleased with the energy and style she brings to the show. After all, there’s really no one else like her. At the same time, though, isn’t Aylin leading Charlie on a little bit? Being a distraction to someone else can be almost as bad as being distracted.

4. Shanna Henderson (last week: #1) – After nearly hitting the bottom three last week, Shanna (who is still a personal favorite) falls three spots on our list. Like with Ali, her weakness seems to be using her face to translate appropriate emotions for television — but with this being the only bad note she’s really had all season, we do still expect her to bounce back soon and be a major force in the coming weeks.

3. Abraham Lin (last week: #5) – Who knew that Abraham’s albatross was his hair? The guy has a new style, and it is translating into a swagger we haven’t quite seen from him all season long. His struggles have only been sporadic thus far, and if he can keep them at bay we’re going to be seeing plenty of Abraham for a long time.

2. Nellie Veitenheimer (last week: #3) – It says a lot about Nellie that she takes something in sexuality that is probably her blind spot, and then over the course of an episode she manages to turn it into a positive. This young woman is learning like a sponge, and with a look that screams “something new” and a likable demeanor, we can see her on “Glee” already.

1. Blake Jenner (last week: #1) – Finally, we turn to a guy who has done pretty much nothing wrong all season. He’s still the best actor of the bunch by far, and he also has the vocal chops that make him a suitable member of New Directions. The only thing that could hold Sam back is if some other contestants simply find some ways to bring it more.

Who is at the top of your “Glee Project” ranking? We want to hear from you below in our poll, and be sure to also check out the new music video for next Tuesday’s episode.

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