‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: The return of the Bay Harbor Butcher?

Back when we first wrote about some of the loose ends that need to be tied up during the final two seasons of “Dexter,” one of our commenters noted that the case of Sargent Doakes and the Bay Harbor Butcher was something worth revisiting. There wasn’t necessarily a mountain of evidence incriminating the man, and even the evidence that was there (mostly planted by Dexter to save himself) was not really enough to convince some of his biggest supporters that he really was a killer acting out in secret.

Thankfully, we can now officially say that this case is going to at least be talked about in the sense of what Lieutenant LaGuerta is going to be up to early this season. As a part of the show’s recent story with TV Guide, executive producer Sara Colleton said that the entire case will be unearthed again — at least to a certain extent — based on one mistake Dexter makes while dealing with Deb finding out the truth about him:

“There are other complications that will come in because, at the crime scene, Dexter’s blood slide gets found by Lieutenant LaGuerta because he loses it in the chaos that ensues and she immediately recognizes it’s his. The only other time that she had seen this blood slide was in the copy case of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Her dear friend Sergeant Doakes, everyone thought he was the Bay Harbor Butcher, and thought that when he died, the Bay Harbor Butcher died with him. Now, she begins to suspect, ‘Is the Bay Harbor Butcher still alive and how can I set about proving the innocence of my friend Sergeant Doakes?’ That is something that’s a silent thing at the start, but it’s, again, going to be eventually working its way back to Dexter. It’s going to be very interesting to see if she can exonerate him.”

The most troubling part of this is that Deb is also going to be in on what Dexter has been up to now, and it raises an interesting question — will she turn her brother in if she is put into a position where his actions could come down on her? There is going to be a new sense of tension throughout season 7, namely in that there is someone out there with the capacity to put Dexter away for a very long time if she chooses to … and there is probably nothing he would do to fight it.

Do you think that LaGuerta’s hunch is going to turn into a major problem for Dexter, or is this something that you think he will be able to find a creative solution to quickly? Be sure to check out some of our other coverage of the blood-splatter world leading up to the September 30 premiere.

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