‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: It’s Jef Holm, Sean Lowe’s game

We are now officially in the homestretch of “The Bachelorette,” and there only being four contestants left, it’s also a little bit easier to gauge just who is likely to make it to the end of Emily Maynard’s season, and whose rose is about to wilt before our eyes.

It’s pretty clear to everyone that we are really looking at a three-person game — but does the recent “scandal” involving Arie Luyendyk Jr. (as petty as it may be) cause him to be locked in to third place? Since the previews can be misleading, it should be noted that everything within these rankings is based on events that have happened on the show thus far, and not on what we think could happen at the contestants’ hometowns.

4. Chris Bukowski (last week: #4) – It’s going to take a miracle — or one heck of a hometown date — to get Chris into the top 4. It’s no disrespect to him since he does seem like a pretty nice guy, but he just doesn’t seem as ready for the emotional commitment here as some of the other guys. We’re gauging it more on life experience, though, than on age — and while we are sure he will get there and be a great dad someday, Emily just doesn’t seem to be the right fit for him no matter how much he wants it now.

3. Arie Luyendyk Jr. (last week: #2) – We could debate until we are blue in the face about the Cassie Lambert scandal, and it still wouldn’t really make it any clearer as to what sort of impact (if any) it had on Emily Maynard. The only issue we could see Emily having moving forward is that Arie could have said something about it for weeks, but didn’t. Did he have a good reason for keeping it quiet? Sure — we can understand him not wanting to be judged. Even with that in mind, though, we have a feeling that this could come back to bite him in the end.

2. Sean Lowe (last week: #3) – Start cuing the broken records! We’ve said this time and time again, but Sean is on paper a fantastic pick for Emily to make. He seems to be exceptionally nice, devoted, down-to-earth, and has many of the same values. It also probably helps her that he is willing to chase her down in the street just for a few minutes of alone time. Sean’s the least-splashy of the top 3, but Emily is almost assured a good life with him.

1. Jef Holm (last week: #1) – Meanwhile, Jef is certainly the most-fascinating choice. He comes from a completely different world than Emily in terms of his family’s religion and his background, but they still do share many commonalities — and out of everyone on this season, he does seem to be the one most aware that Ricki is a part of this deal, and he seems excited to have her in his life. Sometimes, love comes in unexpected forms — and Jef is certainly an unexpected winner on a season full of beefy guys.

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