‘Big Brother 14’ preview: What do we not want to see?

Earlier this summer, we first wrote about some suggestions to make “Big Brother” even better than the show already is for this coming season — now, we’re going in the opposite direction when it comes to things that could absolutely kill season 14 before it actually starts. We admittedly are already worried about a few twists that are out there — specifically the “4 major surprises” being some sort of returning houseguests — but we’ll at least reserve the teensiest bit of judgment for now.

Too many players — or returning players

Having more people than ever in the house may be problematic. Sure, it does yield a greater chance that there will be a few memorable contestants this season — but it also means that no one is going to have as much of a chance to shine. You want to make sure you get to know the contestants that are there first and foremost, and shows like this are definitive examples of “less is more.” The only advantage here is that if you have a few worthless contestants, you can bury them easily.

We’re not going to go off in a major rant about returning players again, but when you remember that only one of the past three seasons has had an all-newbie cast, don’t you think it’s time to have one again? Save the “All-Stars” for next summer.

Please, no saboteur or anything like it

The Big Brother Saboteur will go down in reality TV as the worst execution of a good idea ever. There could have been so many great things for this person to do, but instead of emotional manipulation all they did was turn out the lights and force people to eat weird food.

If you are going to have a twist, it needs to impact that strategy portion of the game in some tangible way — and not just in the Diary Room.

America having too much power

You know what? We should be perfectly content with watching great strategy, and we don’t need to mess with the fabric of the game by getting too involved. If you want to send people home, go watch “The Glass House.” (Wait, scratch that — this is a fate worst than death.) Just remember that things like the coup d’etat and the diamond power of veto are interesting, but at the same time they are so obviously unfair and designed to give certain people the producers like a chance to stay around longer.

The only way America should be involved is with America’s Player, mostly because it still does not put the entire game in the voters’ hand except in the case of a tie or a critical situation.

No Brendon and Rachel

This technically goes under “no returning players,” but is deserves repeating. Please, don’t put Brenchel in again. We actually are fans of them in the right dose, but after two straight “Big Brothers” and an “Amazing Race” we’re suffering from a serious case of red-headed overload. If they are cast, nobody is going to come between us and hitting our TV with a baseball bat.

What do you not want to see on this season? Remember that we want to hear from you! Also, be sure to check out some of our spoilers and other “Big Brother” coverage — which you can see in the tab to the left.

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