‘Dexter’ season 7: Yvonne Strahovski opens up about casting

For the first time since the news broke that she had landed a role on “Dexter,” former “Chuck” star Yvonne Strahovski is opening up about getting the opportunity to join the Showtime drama for some blood-splatter action during season 7. There’s not too much known about her character Hannah, though, outside of some basic (and somewhat spoilery) details — she is a woman who at one point ran off with an older man, and the two took part in a series of deadly crimes until she eventually sold him out to the police. She then she has since lived under the radar, but all of that is about to change.

Speaking to TVLine at an Australian Breakthrough Awards benefit earlier this week, the Aussie actress described the role in her own words as “a woman who is haunted by her past, and [becomes] involved in solving a [case] through Dexter.” What seems particularly interesting about this comment is the thought that it is Michael C. Hall’s character — and not Miami Metro — that could lead to her getting involved in solving what we think is a case involving a killing at a gentleman’s club. Does this mean that he is aware of Hannah’s secret from the get-go?

There are some elements of this character that bear some similarities to Lumen, but there is also some other hints of Lila thrown in here — Hannah was obviously not acting in the past based on revenge like Julia Stiles’ character was during season 5, and thus there is no guarantee that her dark passenger has driven off into the sunset.

What will be fun to watch throughout season 7 is the game that unfolds between Hannah and Dexter, and how much the two end up trusting each other when they have so much in common. It seems easy for fans to peg her as a possible love interest, but it would be equally interesting to see her and Dexter square off as intellectual rivals or even adversaries especially since the big bad in almost all of the “Dexter” seasons has been a man.

Do you think we can read anything major into Strahovski’s brief comments about the role? Be sure to check out some more of our “Dexter” coverage leading up to the season premiere September 30.

Photo: Showtime

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