‘Mad Men’ season 6: More from Elisabeth Moss on future

Some mystery remains.

While the vast majority of the “Mad Men” cast has been fairly quiet following the end of season 5, Elisabeth Moss has embarked on a bit of a mini-promotional tour to talk a bit about some of the year’s noteworthy episodes, Peggy leaving SCDP, and where she does see herself moving into what will be year six of the drama in 2013.

Of course, the actress once again was mum for those of you looking for concrete spoilers about season 6 — but she did at least tell TV Guide in a brand-new interview something that perfectly reflects what showrunner Matthew Weiner recently told the site about Don and Peggy having a link that is going to last for the rest of their lives:

“I have knowledge of stuff.  I could never really speculate on how to write this show because people do that much better than I ever could. But, like Matt said, I think that she’s forever linked to Don in some way. They’re going to have some interaction.”

As for what sort of interaction that will be, it could be really interesting. Considering her past with Don, we have a feeling that this relationship will start off tentative as the two work for rival companies — but as Peggy starts to find more and more of her footing, we could end up seeing her empowered by her new boss and even at times standing up to Don once she realizes that she can really do everything that he can – maybe even better. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen it time and time again with some of the projects that she has taken on and ended up losing the credit for. At the moment, this relationship is the most fascinating one of the series — even more than Don and Megan’s, which looks more and more like it will head to an unhappy ending at least when it comes to Don having a woman that will be around for him rather than working as an actress across the country.

Do you think that the relationship between Don and Peggy is more important than any other on this show? Be sure to check out some of our “Mad Men” debates, and share your thoughts on this story below.

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