‘Big Brother 14’: Two new promo videos worth celebrating

Are you as anxious as we are for “Big Brother 14” to finally start? While the two newest promos released by CBS may not completely cure any of the withdrawals that you’re suffering from, it’s at least a happy little reminder of seasons past — in particularly if you love Britney from season 12 or care about seeing Brendon and Rachel all over your television again.

1. “Love To Hate” – The first commercial is really pretty simple, as the show decides to remind us about how polarizing some of the show’s past contestants have been. The one thing we are a little bit confused about, though, is their description of Ronnie from season 11 as someone that we “loved to hate.” This implies that we still loved having Ronnie on the show — and while he could have been a great character, he pretty much ruined the game for himself about nine or ten days into being in the house. We would have rather seen more footage of either Jessie or Captain Kosher, who we would have loved to see more of thanks to his incredible / epic speech before his eviction two years ago.

2. “It’s Gonna Be Good” – Unfortunately, this promo chose to remind us that there was once someone known as Enzo who played this game — which we still argue may have not actually happened based on his challenge footage. In all seriousness, this “Big Brother 14” promo is once again a reminder of the contestants that CBS wants to highlight for whatever reason, and they crammed more of them into this one promo than we have ever seen before.

Next week, we will finally have more in the way of tangible details for this season as the contestant lineup is set, Julie Chen shows us the house, and we sit around eagerly awaiting the July 12 launch. Be sure to check out some more of our coverage, and remember we’ll be back here all summer with live feed updates.

Photo: CBS

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