‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4: Paul Wesley hoping for something simple

The return of the Salvatores?

“The Vampire Diaries” has yet to even begin filming for its fourth season, but Paul Wesley already has made up his mind about what he would like to see on the show this time around — and it doesn’t involve more supernatural powers, witches, or innocent people in Mystic Falls getting their blood sucked out by Stefan Salvatore’s brother Damon.

Rather, Wesley tells IOL in a new interview that what he is particularly hopeful to see next is a strong emphasis placed first and foremost on the characters’ human side, and a reminder that there are still heavy emotions at play even when just about everyone not named Matt Donovan at this point has some sort of supernatural ability:

“I’m not in a position of writing this series. But it is a show where every episode ends with a twist. It is a big, big task. The show can be sustainable, but only if we are to ground it. We bring it down to humanity and less OTT. We need to bring it back to being about two brothers in love with one girl.”

This cry for humanity from Wesley should not come as much of a shock, in particular since the primary criticism for season 3 was that it snowballed when it came to presenting us with vampires and fantasy to the point where it often forget about the people. Bonnie’s personal life was left in a state of flux, Klaus and Caroline didn’t have the impact that it could have, and we still haven’t seen Elena formally even tell Stefan that she chose him to be with (though she also didn’t know until now that she actually met Damon first, but he wiped her memory of the meeting).

Do you agree with Wesley that the show is in desperate need of a return to the people and relationships? Be sure to share your thoughts below — and we’ll have plenty more in the way of “Vampire Diaries” scoop leading up to the premiere on October 11.

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Photo: The CW

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