‘Burn Notice’ review: Nowhere is safe

Fiona made a step forward.

Somehow, “Burn Notice” is continuing to prove that despite being six seasons in, it can still be a series that looks and feels fresher than it has in years. You have to give creator Matt Nix some credit for changing the game with Fiona starting this season behind bars, and this is clearly shaping up to be the best season of “Burn Notice” yet thanks to the new dynamic that this is forced upon the team. Michael is relying more on Jesse (and even his own family), and Sam has also been put into a more active position.

While there was an exciting story this week about a mission on board a cruise ship, the meat of the story for us came via the continued tale of Fiona’s attempts to figure out who is trying to kill her behind bars. Thanks to a deal made with new character Ayn (“Anything You Need”) — plus some clever thinking to keep attention off of herself — Fiona managed to relay to Michael after there one-on-one conversation in prison that there is a corrupt guard who is working to make sure that she gets “taken out” before she has the chance to live to see another day as a free woman. Is Anson behind this? We’re betting on it — and while he didn’t turn up in physical form this week, we did at least hear his name in conversation (which is in itself a welcome change from last week’s episode).

In many shows, this sort of isolated story for a single character would not work — but here, Michael’s narration, however implausible it may be for him to know what’s happening with Fiona behind bars, keeps the common link established. Not only that, but we nearly choked up during his incredibly brief meeting with her. This is a show at the moment that is really starting to hit its stride, and we’re not even concerning ourselves yet with how long Fiona could be locked up for (though personally, we have a feeling she’ll be free by around the halfway point this season). We’ve gotten the chance to invest in these people, so it really means something when we see them emotional.

What are you enjoying more with “Burn Notice” at the moment — Fiona in prison, or seeing the sort of devotion Michael has to her in some of his missions? Be sure to check out more news on “Burn Notice” and other USA Network shows.

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