‘Suits’ review: Family matters

More than another day at the firm.

“Suits” continued its strong start to season 2 with an episode on Thursday that had a procedural feel to it, but at the same time there was still enough going on to make us excited to see where the overall story of the firm — in particular the power struggle with Harvey — is headed. It also showed why Mike may never been the same lawyer that his mentor was.

We are still up for debate as to what was the most heartbreaking moment of this episode of “Suits“:

1. When Mike tried to use his elderly grandmother in a nursing home to stop a strike from happening, only for Harvey to use the evidence that Mike was gathering in order to help the nurses against them. It was something that he felt particularly guilty about since this is not the type of lawyer he wants to be, but he was caught in the middle of a battle for control that Harvey was desperate to win.

2. Rachel trying to understand why Mike can’t be with her, especially after he gave her the most poignant description of her for a dating website profile she has created. Rachel’s a smart cookie, though, and she has already figured out that there is a secret being kept from her. How long until she accidentally guesses just what it is? From a critical standpoint, there’s a part of us that just wants Mike to just come out with it and say that he is not really certified to be a lawyer; at the same time, producers are showing an admirable amount of restraint in not doing so, and it shows just how much Mike realizes that his life and career will be over if the secret gets out any further than it already has.

These two stories were what made the third episode of this season so fantastic, even though we also have to give a shout-out to the brilliant Rick Hoffman as Louis — a man who manages to surprise us week after week with his awfulness, in particular in the context of what he does to try and erase a study that his employees are unhappy at the firm.

Do you think Mike continuing to hide his secret from Rachel is the right move to make, and what touched you the most from this episode? Can’t get enough of “Suits”? Be sure to check out some of our other stories about the show HERE.

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