MTV’s ‘Awkward’ review: Ashley Rickards is as funny as ever

Nothing goes according to plan.

“Awkward” is back — and we couldn’t be happier about it. MTV’s best series is weird, wacky, and different than anything else on TV, and this is exactly what makes it such a pleasure to watch.

It really didn’t even take long for the action to get going during Thursday night’s premiere episode, either — Jenna’s love life got complicated when Matty said he wanted another chance with her at the New Year’s Eve party — the same one that she went to with Jake. The show lived up to its title quickly, and she was forced to make a choice between her past and her present. Her choice? Jake — even though he had some trepidation after he found out that she had used a condom before.

So what makes “Awkward” work so well as a series? It’s largely thanks to Ashley Rickards, who elevates the occasionally-uneven material and makes it into something that is among one of the better comedy shows on TV. We still do wish that everyone around her was as strong as she was, and that the writing was as consistently strong as it is in spots. Nonetheless, there were at least four or five genuine laugh-out-loud moments throughout the episode as we watched some of Jenna’s friends make their own resolutions — and we also saw her slap a certain someone in the face. Good times.

If you are in the “Awkward” target audience, we can’t think of a better comedy out there to watch. It capture the spirit of high school perfectly, and it also doesn’t gloss over any of the issues that they go through to please the parents. It’s just a high-quality summer show that is worth sitting down to watch once a week.

What did you think of the show’s return, and did it live up to all of your high expectations? Feel free to share your thoughts below, and if can’t get enough “Awkward”, make sure you check out some of our other stories HERE.

Photo: MTV

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