Fox’s ‘The Choice’ review: Sophie Monk, Carmen Electra try to find love

Cat brought out the ladies this week.

For the first time on “The Choice,” we had an episode Thursday night that was all about the ladies — even though we are not sure it was better for it. While the guys were not always gentlemen to some of the women who were trying to win their hearts, the women were at times down right mean. We didn’t see a single instance in the past few weeks where a guy told a woman after turning around that they wish they could turn the chair back around, and tonight we saw it happen a number of times. As a matter of fact, one guy had this happen to him twice within the span of a few minutes between two of the ladies trying to pawn him off on each other.

Here are the ladies who went looking for love this week — though we are not convinced that all of them succeeded.

Sophie Monk – Sophie didn’t actually seem to be that into any of the guys that she picked, but she at least seemed to have a good time picking guys that she thought had cool accents.

Hope Dworaczyk – The former “Celebrity Apprentice” star seemed to have trouble at times making decisions, and she also wasn’t the nicest to everyone — though she did seem to make an okay change in the end.

Carmen Electra – We are about 90% certain that Carmen was actually interested in something long-term with the guy she picked at the end of this episode. By far, these two had the strongest chemistry out of anyone we have seen on this show all season.

Rima Fakih – Rima actually had the most entertaining story out of anyone this week, and it made her dismissive attitude okay in the end. After originally saying she wasn’t interested in the guy she turned around for after seeing him, she allowed him to hang in there — and by the end of it, she ended up even choosing him. Talk about a comeback!

We also got a bit of an update from the men that were on the show last week and learned that “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks took his date to a hip hop dance class (and gave her his number) and that “Jersey Shore” star The Situation and his date have been texting each other, although we don’t know how much of that is still going on since he is allegedly in a committed relationship with his Jersey Girl Paula now.

What did you think about this episode, and do you think some of the ladies were a little hard on the guys? Be sure to sound off in the comment section below.

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