‘Take Me Out’ review: Is George Lopez or Mindy the show’s star?

It keeps getting sillier.

Who is the bigger star of “Take Me Out” at this point? We posed the question in the title, but from our standpoint we are starting to think that Mindy — the most over-the-top contestant in the history of TV dating — could be just as interesting as the often out-of-place George Lopez. Of course, we do wonder sometimes whether she frequently buzzes out just to stay on the show longer (not that we have a problem with that).

Some of these contestants have a tendency to blend together in the midst of their bad dance moves and ridiculous-forward introduction songs — but here are three men that we found particularly engaging from this episode.

Kenny – As soon as the guy — who was the first all season who have all of the women stick around — lift his shirt, he pretty much became a piece of meat with a chinstrap. He also has about a trillion jobs — he’s a football player, a nightclub host, an after-school program worker, and a masseuse. Can anyone say “red flag” here? It’s either that or this is the most indecisive man alive.

After detailing his multiple “careers,” Kenny still managed to get enough people to stick around to make what was a pretty nice choice — a woman who actually tried to charm him without talking dirty. Congrats!

Phil – We feel horrible for Phil, since he seems like a cool guy. But first, people buzzed him on his weight — and then did so again when they found out he was a truck driver. Finally, almost everyone buzzed him when he said he had a man cave with two TVs in it — which we actually think is pretty awesome. The one woman who was left looked like she wanted to buzz him out, but she didn’t press it in time.

Aaron – No thanks. He’s a model who came out to “Hot in Here.” If we were one of these ladies, we would be out before he even started talking. In proving what these ladies are looking for, though, a good many stayed in for him in comparison to nice-guy Phil. We’re still betting that he has a better date than Aaron…

Sebastian – Hey, he had a bowtie. Doesn’t he get some points for creativity? Unfortunately, that did not get him a date.

As for the updates, everyone that they showed actually had a pretty successful date. Shocker, no?

So who do you think is the real star of the show – George or Mindy and will you be upset to see Mindy get taken on a date and leave the show?  Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Photo: Fox

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