‘True Blood’ spoilers: A major Sookie hook-up coming soon

Is she with another vampire?

If you’ve thought that the first three episodes of “True Blood” so far this season have been a little bit lacking in the Sookie romance department, you’re in for some good news — Anna Paquin’s feisty lead character is going to be in for one potentially-awkward love scenes on Sunday night’s new episode.

Is there a twist? Of course! After all, it wouldn’t quite be “True Blood” without it. According to E! News, this romantic entanglement may come as a result of drinking, and you can check off Eric Northman on your list of possibilities. Considering that Bill is now his right-hand man, you can probably do the same for him — and considering that Sam, Andy, and Terry are taken, Lafayette is gay, and Jason is her brother (and even “True Blood” is not likely to get that freaky), it really leaves one man as the likely candidate — and if you watch this show regularly, you probably have a good idea already as to who that is. What we’re interested about more so than the supposed hook-up between the two is how they will go about handling it after the fact. Most romantic storylines on the show in the past tend to last beyond one episode, at least in terms of the aftermath of them. With Bill and Eric so indisposed with the authority, this does free Sookie up for some other pursuits of the romantic kind.

Don’t worry, romance-lovers — we have a feeling that this will not be the only new romantic hookup this season. There are still over half a dozen episodes to go this season, and if there is one thing Alan Ball has shown an affinity for over the years, it’s putting his characters in a position to be all over each other, all the time.

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Photo: HBO

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