‘American Idol’ notes: Simon Cowell, Carrie Underwood, and Phillip Phillips

What’s going on?

Usually, we choose to start off of an “American Idol” notes by talking about a former contestant, but this story is really so fascinating that it would almost be a disservice to not talk about it in a lead-off position.

Was Simon Cowell coasting? – We have heard past contestants disagree with the judges before, but never to the level of what Siobhan Magnus just did to Simon Cowell. As a part of an interview with Brandon morning show “Steve & Janet” with Scott Savol and Alexis Grace in order to promote her participation in “The Finalists Live” show in the city, Siobhan completely tore the music mogul a new one when it comes to his lack of interest in season 9 of the show — his last before taking off to “The X Factor.”

Specifically, Siobhan claims that Simon was ultimately guilty of the worst thing imaginable on a show meant to feature young talent — not caring at all:

“I was on the last season that had Simon … And it was so obvious to us that mentally, he was already moved on to the next show.

“He was not present for us. He didn’t care. He wouldn’t even watch the show most of the time! He’d be sitting there leaning back and puffing his cheeks out like ‘Am I done yet?’ It was offensive. It was really hard.”

Is this news altogether surprising to hear? Not really, mostly because it was pretty obvious all season that Simon had checked out. (The presence of Ellen DeGeneres also really didn’t help.) However, Siobhan is one of the few contestants to really speak about it in uncertain terms. Maybe if Cowell had actually done more real judging late in the competition, she would have stayed longer than “Big Mike” or high school student Aaron Kelly.

Phillip to visit Spider-Man – Phillip Phillips must be getting better pretty quickly from his kidney surgery — after all, he announced on Twitter that he is going to be attending the premiere of “The Amazing Spider-Man” tonight. Outside of the tour’s media day, this is the first appearance by Phillips since his brief post-show publicity tour (which was mostly via phone).

A new Carrie Underwood performance – To close things off, here is an absolutely awesome acoustic performance featuring Carrie for Australian radio station 104.1 2Day. We don’t know if we have ever heard “Good Girl” sound so … well, good. Carrie’s performing a series of concerts in the country, so she has apparently decided to do a little bit of press along the way.

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Photo: Fox

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