‘The Glass House’ live stream: It’s too little, too late

After dreading watching “The Glass House” live stream all week like it was a visit to the dentist, we finally committed to watching a few minutes on Thursday … just to see if the producers were actually bothering to still listen to some of the feedback from viewers out there.

While there is no way to deny that this show is still summer TV’s biggest steaming pile, we were surprised to see that they have actually started to do something right, and that there is actually something in here that “Big Brother” could use in a future season. Hey, if “The Glass House” is allowed to take most of its ideas from another show, shouldn’t CBS just go ahead and do the same thing?

One of the improvements made by the show this week is that there is less of the contestants standing around and having to play increasingly silly games that give us no opportunity to actually get to know anyone — even if they do give us plenty of opportunities to fall asleep. It’s good that the conversations are now open, but they all are still sitting around in one room so that America can see them — and the feed ultimately amounts to a cluster of people constantly talking over people. Natural conversation is far better than games force-fed by production, but you still have to be able to actually understand what people are doing.

The one thing that the show is doing right now is giving the contestants a minute or to actually privately respond to questions by the viewers individually. While “Big Brother” should keep the Diary Room sacred, wouldn’t it be interesting to at least have a few minutes on the live feed where we get some thoughts from the contestants — even if it is just them rambling on about a given subject? It’s a much trickier thing to do on a game that is more strategy-based, but it could be effective.

This new little twist still does not make the stream worth watching, though — mostly because it is too confined and the commotion really negates any one thing that producers do right.

Photo: ABC

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