‘Big Brother 13’: the new Head of Household is…


Following the live episode of “Big Brother 13” Thursday night, we had our first extended endurance competition of the season. This was a challenge that either Kalia or Daniele needed to win in order to secure themselves survival, and they managed to do just that.

But first (with a cue to Julie Chen), here is how events unfolded:

-Lawon and Adam are the first two to drop, thus solidifying them as the two most useless people to play the game since Enzo. Heck, Enzo feels useful right about now.

-Following this, we saw a mass exodus of the two “dominant men” in the game. Due to their big feet (and possibly some misplaced confidence that Jordan and Shelly would pull through), Jeff and Brendon fell.

-The remaining contestants (all female) hung around for a good while, but then Jordan and Porsche both fell, leaving us with a panel of Shelly (the lone representative from the dominant alliance) alongside Kalie and Daniele. Shelly then ended up falling.

-At the end of the day, Kalia and Daniele made a “deal” that Daniele wouldn’t put up her, which we all knew she wouldn’t anyway. Now, we are going to likely see a situation where one of the players from the power couples is going to be sent out the door — it’s just a question as to who.

Are you excited to see Daniele in power?

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