‘Teen Mom’ and the ever-changing Catelynn Lowell baby rumor

Mrs. Carter: In the minds of one tabloid, Catelynn Lowell was pregnant for exactly one week.

There have been plenty of bizarre “Teen Mom” stories over the years, but is any of them really as strange as this one? If you recall, In Touch Weekly ran a story earlier this month claiming that Catelynn Lowell was expecting her second child, and it included quotes from a number of close sources. There were medical records, and the tabloid even supposedly talked to Lowell herself to confirm everything that was said.

The problem? None of this was actually from Catelynn — and the publication never even talked to her, either. In their new issue, In Touch has been forced to come forward and say that they were tricked by some of Lowell’s relatives to believe in this story that wasn’t at all true, and that the medical records and even the Catelynn that the tabloid talked to were all fake. Here is what the real Lowell had to say about the matter:

“My mom lied … I think it’s because she has no money… so she’s trying to sell her daughter.”

This is always the problem when it comes to stories from these sort of magazines — someone can always choose to embellish stories, exaggerate them, or even at times be labeled as an “anonymous source.” Even the person claiming to be a celebrity is not always what they seem.

Catelynn has already given up her own child for adoption, believing that it was the best choice in order to ensure that they had a stable and healthy childhood. However, one stipulation is that the child is not allowed to appear on-camera for the MTV show if their mom decides to pay a visit. We love hearing that stipulation put into the adoption – children deserve to have a private life, even if their parents are famous.

Who should be more embarrassed when it comes to this case — In Touch for falling for this, or the perpetrators for stooping to this level of tricking someone for cash?

Photo: MTV

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