‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Jenna makes her move

What is Jenna up to now?

Thanks to the 4th of July holiday next week, “Pretty Little Liars” is doing the smart thing from a ratings point of view and choosing to wait an extra week before airing their new episode “That Girl Is Poison.” Based on the first promo for the episode, though, it looks as though the wait is definitely going to be worth it.

After first saying that she wanted to keep her blindness secret from everyone in Rosewood for a little while longer, Jenna suddenly decides to lose the glasses and reveal the truth to everyone. How exactly is she planning to pass this off? Our guess is just that she will act as though she had another surgery. It’s at least more plausible than saying that one day she woke up and her vision was magically back.

As for how this will impact the Liars, it once again gives them reason to suspect that Jenna is up to no good despite telling the girls that she herself has been afraid of someone doing some terrible things to her after her house was almost burned down. She has connections to a number of major players involved in Mona’s tangled web, and this move by her comes only one episode after Melissa Hastings admitted to donning the Black Swan costume at the request of someone threatening to reveal her fake pregnancy to the world. If Jenna is involved in what is happening to Alison’s grave, she may be doing her best to ensure that no one has any sort of permanent dirt on her.

Based on everything that we have heard, the Jenna we are going to expect throughout this season is one that will be in a little less of a dark place. With that in mind, do you think her owning up to being to see could be a good step forward in the evolution of this character?

Photo: ABC Family

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