‘America’s Got Talent’ interview: Andrew De Leon, Mary Joyner speak out

Andrew is gone from the competition.

We saw some stunning eliminations during Vegas Week on “America’s Got Talent,” but from our standpoint none was more stunning than seeing Andrew De Leon, Mary Joyner, and John Pizzi be eliminated despite hitting home runs during their initial auditions. All three contestants are going to be key omissions during the live shows moving forward, even if they can now move forward with the knowledge that they have appeared on one of the biggest platforms that television has to offer. With that being said, we’re still rolling our eyes at how Andrew can be sent home while a guy whose talent is getting kicked in the nuts manages to remain.

We had a chance to briefly talk with all three of them in a conference call on Thursday, and they each talked a bit about the overall experience, what they plan to do next, and the sort of pressure that comes with performing in a tense environment in Las Vegas versus the less-intimidating venue that was their first audition with hundreds of screaming audience members.

Cartermatt.com – Andrew, now that you’ve had this experience — and you didn’t really have much before going on the show — what are you planning to do next?

Andrew De Leon – So far, I’m just trying my best to work on getting in front of people and being in a comfortable place. Once I can achieve that, then it’d be great to be able to book gigs and perform in front of as many people as possible.

Cartermatt.com – Mary, what do you think changed between your first audition and Las Vegas?

Mary Joyner – I would definitely have to say that my stage fright had crept back up, because I had a lot of stage fright when I was getting used to singing in front of people — and I’m still getting used to it. I think my nerves got the best of me, and it wasn’t my best performance and I wish I had done better. But it’s something that I am working on and [I am going to] continue working on my [performances] and not [getting] nervous.

John, how difficult is it to try and produce winning material from a comedy standpoint in a tiny span of time — especially in the high-pressure environment that is Las Vegas?

John Pizzi – It was a little frustrating trying to squeeze everything in a short amount of time. Comedy, like anything else in life, is not instant oatmeal. You can’t put hot water on it and then it’s ready. (Laughs.) In order to have comedy you need to connect with an audience — whether it is three people or three hundred — and after that connection is established, you establish the drumbeat of where you want it to go. It’s frustrating to squeeze into a short amount of time, but I’ll tell you that it was usually enjoyable. Even though it’s difficult … being in this environment with these people and Howard Stern and the ‘AGT’ family, I loved it. It’ll be a great memory for the rest of my life.

Is there anyone from the top 48 that you are rooting for, and are you still as stunned as we are that some of these people were sent home? Be sure to share your opinion with us in the comment box below.

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Photo: NBC

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