‘Burn Notice’ preview: Will Fiona find out [spoiler]?

Can Fiona escape?

At the end of last week’s new episode of “Burn Notice,” Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) realized that someone was attempting to have her killed from inside prison. She doesn’t know who it is just yet, but they are offering so much money that even some of her friends are tempted to do the deed. It’s definitely not a great position to be in — there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and there are also people who want to kill you just for the simple reason that they like killing.

However, there is still a chance to make some potential allies even behind bars, and this is what Fiona is looking to keep in mind during Thursday night’s new episode. As the preview below shows, she is going to attempt to bond with a woman named Ayn — short for “Anything You Need” — as a way of figuring out just who is hunting for her head. This sort of information does not come cheap, though, especially in a place where real currency doesn’t even matter. What makes these scenes behind bars work so well is that we are seeing a truly vulnerable Fiona — she no longer has any tricks at her disposal, and has to come up with other creative (and incredible awesome) ways to make herself a threat to the prisoners around her. “Burn Notice” has always been most effective in showing off the abilities of its main characters to make something out of nothing, and there is no better place to show off the “nothing” quality than behind bars.

As for the promise that Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) is going to get to pay Fiona a visit soon, we’ll have to wait and see whether or not that actually happens.

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